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  • Vintrest products of the highest quality

    Wine is created under the laws of nature and reflects the level of human achievements in their understanding of the art of winemaking.

  • Vines of European selection

    Wine stocks of world quality standards.

  • Products

    ‘Vintrest’ wine stocks are made of authentic French grape varieties, grown at three different sites in the vicinity of Velikodolinskoe, Novaya dolina, and Sanzheyka.

  • Services

    Our company offers a wide range of services and developing future cooperation with the wineries and spirits brands

About Us

 "Vintrest" is a wine company with a full production cycle.

The company's facilities include: 

- 650 hectares of the total area of vineyards 

 - authentic French and German grape varieties
 - modern wine processing complex
- one of the largest wine storage

Vintrest LLC is the enterprise of the primary and secondary winemaking manufactures products according to the highest European standards.

Winery complex was built in 2005 using modern production technologies. All equipment supplied by leading manufacturers — France, Italy and Hungary.

Plant and production facilities are located in the Ovidiopol district of Odessa region at a distance of 25 kilometers from the City of Odessa.

The company has not only favorable climatic landscape environment, but also its proximity to transport hubs: Railway station Akkarzha — 3 km, SE "Sea commercial port Chernomorsk" — 7 km, Odessa Airport is 9 km away.