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    Wine is created under the laws of nature and reflects the level of human achievements in their understanding of the art of winemaking.

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    Wine stocks of world quality standards.

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    ‘Vintrest’ wine stocks are made of authentic French grape varieties, grown at three different sites in the vicinity of Velikodolinskoe, Novaya dolina, and Sanzheyka.

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    Our company offers a wide range of services and developing future cooperation with the wineries and spirits brands


"Chardonnay Grande Vallée". The wine received a peculiar type light Golden colour and a delicate, intense bouquet with a pleasant aroma of tropical fruits and spieces. Harmonious palate ends with a long finish.

"Sauvignon Grande Vallée". Unlike wine brings together notes of black currant and green pepper in a fresh bouquet. Pure and harmonious taste, without extraneous tones evident in the taste, and peculiar to the type of light straw colour with a greenish tinge – in external characteristics.

"Pinot Blanc Grande Vallée". The wine from the first minute fills the atmosphere with fresh and light floral bouquet. Typical for Pinot Blanc is light straw in color harmony continues in pure taste.

"Pinot Gris Grande Vallée". Wine fascinating spring mood and a fruit-floral flavor in the glass reveals. Notes of pear and acacia trees occupy the middle ground between light straw color and harmonious taste.

"Traminer Grande Vallée". Golden color of the wine reveals the delicate floral and honey bouquet. The harmony of taste complement the flavors of lychee and tea rose.

"Riesling Grande Vallée". A legendary wine from a legendary taste in a new incarnation. Peculiar type of greenish-straw color is unique in its light bouquet with mineral and apricot notes. Taste the wine is full and fresh.

"Pinot Meunier rose Grande Vallée". Beautiful light pink color with hints of salmon is only the beginning. Bouquet with notes of red berries and cream, reminiscent of the perfect dessert - light, fresh and harmonious.

"Pinot Noir rose Grande Vallée". Pure and harmonious taste of this wine is immediately recognizable. Only the characteristic notes of strawberry and barberry, expressed in a peculiar crimson color.

"Pinot Noir Grande Vallée". Typical light red color with ruby hues distinguishes this wine from the rest. Notes of cherry and tobacco in the bouquet harmoniously develop in the soft palate with light astringency.

"Merlot Grande Vallée". Deep garnet color – this is just the beginning. From the first SIP to the smooth, slightly tart taste, recognizable tones of cherry and plum, which continue in a characteristic finish.

"Cabernet Grande Vallée". The wine is clear with glitter, dark red and purple hues. Type characteristic bouquet with notes of black currant, nightshade and cedar disclosed in harmonious taste with a long finish.