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  • Vintrest products of the highest quality

    Wine is created under the laws of nature and reflects the level of human achievements in their understanding of the art of winemaking.

  • Vines of European selection

    Wine stocks of world quality standards.

  • Products

    ‘Vintrest’ wine stocks are made of authentic French grape varieties, grown at three different sites in the vicinity of Velikodolinskoe, Novaya dolina, and Sanzheyka.

  • Services

    Our company offers a wide range of services and developing future cooperation with the wineries and spirits brands

Wine stock production

Grapes are processed within 20 minutes after harvest, preserving all of their natural qualities and characteristics. The latest equipment enables accurate weighing of grapes and qualitative assessment of its condition. Charging bins, made of stainless steel, gentle grape stalk removal and grape berry splitting, timely sulfurating and dosing of enzymes lay the foundation for good quality assurance. The shift plant processes more than 60 tons of grapes.

The company cooperates with trusted partners in terms of auxiliary materials and means of protection of grapes. Suppliers of auxiliary materials for "Vintrest" are the world's leading companies - Enartis, Martin Vialatte, Laffort, Dohler and IOC.

Vaslin Bucher pneumatic presses are easy to use, they provide the highest sanitation levels and a wide range of works performed with the wine stock: wort extraction, and pulp removing, short-term maceration, temperature modes adjustment with the help of heat exchangers and high performance.

Fermentation is processed in temperature-controlled vinificator for red and white wines with automatic temperature control, mixing pulp and removal of pure juice. The fermenters produced in Germany and Hungary, allow us to produce concurrently more than 1,000 tons of white and red wine stock.

The plant can store and stabilize in a temperature controlled environment over 3 million litres of wine stock with production runs from one to seven thousand decalitres.

The bottlery is equipped with the modern bottling line Borelli with control functions for the microbiological state of the production environment, and serves for bottling and labeling of small runs of wines.

The workshop for wine ageing of the terrestrial type, using computer-controlled modes of aeration, temperature and humidity, is equipped with barrels from the Hungarian company named Zip.